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Shake Your Tail Feather

Hand Fed Parakeets & Love Birds



Here at "Shake Your Tail Feather" we take the utmost care in nuturing and raising all of our baby birds. Our goal is to raise tame birds that you will be able to enjoy for many years to come. All of our birds are hand fed starting at two weeks of age. They are played with and held daily to ensure that your new baby will be well socialized and used to being handled. 


Hi, I'm Jeannette. I was born with a love for animals, I’ve raised and cared for them since I was a little girl. I got my first bird about 21 years ago, a sweet Cockatiel that stole my heart! I've have been fascinated by birds ever since. We now have quite the bird family from cockatoos to lovebirds, parakeets and a cockatiel. My love for birds has inspired me in raising the babies and I've absolutely loved the entire process. From watching the parents and how they work together to care for their babies, to feeding and caring for them myself. I hand feed them from approximately two weeks old and have a lot of help from my 6 year old son Jase. He loves to play with them as well as being a part of the feeding process, resulting in all of our birds being extremely kid friendly. In warmer weather we take them everywhere! Bike rides to the park is our favorite! We work diligently in socializing the babies, ensuring they are super friendly with everyone.

With Love, From our home to yours